Throughout the course of high-school, college, university and work, being a geeky individual I have accumulated a few computers. Some of these get used then re-purposed as the times change.
Many of them have moved into the role of server.

These servers perform many different tasks.

A common use of a server in a home is as a media server. To serve all you music, video and pictures to various devices such as tablets or maybe a television.


The main problem I found with accumulating many computers is that they are all different shapes and sizes.

Storing them becomes a pain and if all of them are in use its even more of an issue as you need a lot of space so that they are not blocking each others air flow or just the noise they produce.


I wanted to consolidate all of my old hardware into one place. A common way to do this is to build a rack. Racks are expensive.

The approach I took was that of buying rack-mount cases and re-housing my existing equipment into these cases.

Found a cheap 1U (single unit) half depth case online and put my old HTPC in it. At this point I have a rack-mount server but no rack to put it in.

Rack cabinets are very expensive so I followed the trend of making a “Lack-Rack” which is an Ikea Lack Table (small coffee table). These tables are exactly 19 inches wide between the legs so you can just mount a server between them, screwing directly into the legs.
Lack Rack


It turns out the legs on Lack tables used to be solid, but now they are hollow. As a result they are not strong enough to support a server so I ditched that idea and went with a rack-mount frame. A cheaper alternative to a cabinet as it is just the structural beams which is enough to mount rack-mount hardware into.

It is 12U tall. This fits nicely in my living room in a corner hidden by a sofa and a chair.

Yes I keep some servers in my living room…