Blog Setup



My name is Dan and I’m a Developer / System Administrator.

After years of building for work and for personal projects I’ve decided to start a blog to publish content about the projects I do.


I decided to go with something that generates static content.

Static content being just html css and javascript. Not something that the server generates on every page request.

I thought about using github to host the blog and generate the content using Jekyll.

The sysadmin in me wanted to host my own solution so I looked around for a system where it is easy to write content and to generate a static site from it.

After hunting around I came across Hexo which allows me to write content in markdown. This is particularly good for me as writing markdown is something I do all the time for work.


This blog is generated on every push to the master branch of its git repository on github.

This then gets moved onto one of my servers to where you are reading this post.

I will cover how I handle automatic deployment of projects in another post.


Posts on this blog will cover various topics.

Things such as software I write, application built form combining existing software, hardware projects like embedded, robots or even server builds.

A fair range of things all along the lines of the technical background I have.